Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rice and Beanpot

It was incredibly disgusting to watch yet also strangely entertaining as well. What could be more fun than watching people scarf down food at record pace with the risk of choking slash vomiting? You know it's intense when they make participants sign a waiver that basically says "Hey, if you die, not our fault." Oh by the way, if you win the entire competition, you get to go to Mexico.

What am I talking about? Qdoba's Rice and Beanpot. The annual competition takes place every February at four of the fast food chain locations by Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern and Harvard. A few of my friends have competed in the past and this year they actually convinced me to join them on a team.

Let me tell you. After signing my life away with that waiver and seeing the paramedics in the corner "just in case", I was rethinking my decision. Boston University has a pretty big reputation of being the top performing school in this contest and that was aparent with the performance of some of the teams there.

I was actually satisfied with myself and my team's performance. I finished with a respectable time of 1:45, my team finishing in 5:43, a full 2 seconds faster than the winning Boston College team.

Then Team Swayze went. These guys were not human. Who can possibly eat a 13 inch burrito in 22 seconds? Is that even healthy? Their team finished in 2:43 blowing every other competeing BU team away. Somehow I feel like those guys will be spending their spring break on the sandy beaches of Cancun...

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